Fostering Linkages in Academic Innovation and Research (FLAIR) is a capacity building programme of the Department of Higher Education, Government of Kerala, for the newly-joined faculty members of Arts and Science Colleges, Engineering Colleges, and the Teaching Departments of Universities. The programme, started in the year 2013-14, has already offered Induction Training to 179 faculty members, Short-term Training in National Institutions for 52 faculty members, and International Internships to 10 faculty members.Joining the FLAIR system is voluntary and faculty members with a commitment and zest for professional development are the potential target group. To join the FLAIR system, one should

-have a genuine interest in academic development

-understand the role and responsibilities vested upon him/her for the cause of education

-have a commitment towards personal growth and the capacity building necessary for making meaningful contributions in teaching-learning and research

-be willing to undergo a performance evaluation at all stages during the journey in the    FLAIR system.


Training newly-joined faculty members in Teaching-learning and Research is what FLAIR stands for. Teaching is one of the major factors that influence the quality of educational outcomes. Training the faculty in Teaching-learning and Research will undoubtedly contribute to the overall development of the higher education system of the State. To realize this vision, a set of objectives have been defined which include:

1.  Motivating the newly-joined faculty members to adopt innovative Teaching–learning and Research strategies.

2.  Raising the standards in Teaching-learning by equipping new generation teachers with innovative skills through training.

3.  Promoting excellence in Research in higher educational institutions through capacity building.

4.Web-based linkages between academicians, called ‘FLAIR Open  Lines for Knowledge Sharing’(FOLKS).

5. Building a culture of knowledge sharing, for the benefit of the entire academic community.