" Preparing Kerala’s Higher Education for the future by building expertise and nurturing talent in young faculty members and students "

* List of Faculty Members selected for the FLAIR Programme 2014-15  | click here to view


 Teaching is one of the major factors that influence the quality of the educational outcomes. Training faculty in Teaching-learning and Research would undoubtedly contribute a part to the improvement of the overall academic ambience of the Colleges. The Fostering Linkages in Academic Innovation and Research (FLAIR) Programme, founded based on this realisation, is a capacity building programme for faculty members who have joined recently. The programme started in the academic year 2013-14 has already imparted induction training (teaching-learning) to 183 faculty members, short term training in national institutions to 52 faculty members and one month international internship to 10 selected faculty members in leading Universities in the United Kingdom.


FLAIR Interns with Mrs. Caroline Stainton and Mrs Sarah Parkinson at the Higher Education Academy, York, United Kingdom 



The Programme which was confined to the Government Arts & Science Colleges, Government Engineering Colleges and teaching Departments of five Universities of the State during the first year is being extended to the Government Aided Colleges also in the second year(2014-15).  Highlights of this year’s programme would be the introduction of Need based training programmes including Communication Skill Training and Personality Development Programmes apart from the other trainings started during 2013-14 (Induction Training, Short term training and Internships). Faculty members who joined the programme during the first year would also get the benefits of the Need based training programmes. Coffee table meetings started during March 2014 at the Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam will be made popular throughout the State promoting deeper academic discussions among the teaching community of the Colleges and Universities.  FLAIR Open Lines for Knowledge Sharing (FOLKS) started in the first year will be made a collaborative online space for both faculty and student knowledge exchanges.